Copper Plumbing Tube

Metco Alloys Plumbing tubes are manufactured in compliance to BS 2871, Part 1 now superseded by the new European standard EN:1057 for Water, Gas and Sanitation .The BS 2871 specifies 3 wall thickness suitable for hot and cold water installations under Table X, Y & Z (the tables can be downloaded from our web site). Table ‘X’ is the table normally used for plumbing and gas. Tubes are 100% eddy current tested. Mechanical and chemical properties meet the standards of BS 2871, Part 1:1971 or the EN:1057 Tube sizes range from 12 mm to 159 mm. The standard plumbing sizes are (in mm): 15, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 66.7, 76.1, 108, 133 & 159. These include types K, L, M and DWV. All tubes supplied to these ASTM standards are a minimum of 99.90 percent pure copper.

These classes and types of tubes are commercially available in the tempers and lengths described in the Plumbing tube product range chart. Types K, L, M and DWV are designated by ASTM standard size, with outside diameter always 1/8″ larger than the standard size. Each type (K, L, M and DWV) represents a series of sizes with different wall thickness. The inside diameter depends on tube size and wall-thicknesses.

All four types are available in drawn temper straight lengths 20 feet long. Type K, L and M are available also in annealed temper in 8 feet straight lengths or in long coils in sizes from 1/4 inch to 7/8 inch. We in India, manufacture plumbing tubes to meet specifications established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Advantages of copper plumbing Leak Proof:
Completely leak proof, copper pipes require no threading.
Owing to the corrosion resistant property of copper, our copper plumbing is resistant to corrosion and hence the water carried through the pipes also does not change colour as it does in the case of Galvanized Iron Pipes.
Our copper plumbing pipes are easy to install via soldering/ brazing process.
Our quality copper plumbing system has a longer & durable life. They last up to 50 years.

Technical Specifications


Copper Tubes are specified in the BS 2871 / EN 1057 in three wall thicknesses designated under Table X, Y & Z. As per the specification the wall thicknesses recommended & the calculated working & burst pressures are given below:




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